Why Assemblylife.org?

This website has three purposes.

First its goal is to provide people with an alternative to facebook. However, a site cannot simply be a copy-cat otherwise it will devolve into the same thing as facebook. There is also no way one is going to best facebook at their own game. Its a billion (trillion?) dollar company. To that end this site has a focus beyond general social networking.

Second, this site’s aim is to help people share information about what is building them up spiritually. Without wanting to sound crude, my hope is that the site does not devolve to lots of Bible verse memes. We need plenty of scripture, but many people just post and repost meme-style content. Instead the purpose of this site is to share what is genuinely helping one grow spiritually.

Third. The third purpose of this site is to help share anything that will help at the local church level. Assemblies are facing serious challenges in society today. Assembly Life is a place where people can share solutions, ideas, resources.

On the main, my desires is that this site be a place where people can “share what works.”

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